Welcome to PINGLEWARE SUPPORT, the first support offering paid through a NFT token.

The holder of this NFT token is entitled to 10 hours per month for software support on the software developed by PressPage Entertainment Inc and its brand operations.

Selling NFT tokens in exchange for providing support services on your products and services is not an unregistered security but a utility token. The funds raised from the token sales can be used to fund a forex payroll trading accounts to pay for ongoing payroll.

Companies have been reluctant to offer paid support offerings to their customers because support is an ongoing expense that cannot be justified, in addition, a customer will need to justify the recurring expense for a support contract. A better option is to use an NFT token that is price for a one-time sale, and then the revenue from the sales used to fund an investment account (like forex) to generate a recurring revenue stream to afford the payroll for the support personnel. PINGLEWARE SUPPORT hopes to change other companies view of software support to a sustainable model as described above.

An added benefit of offering a support NFT token on Opensea is the customer may elect to sell their NFT token on the marketplace, again the token is NOT an unregistered security, otherwise everything on Ebay or any ecommerce website would have to be considered as an unregistered security. The customer will lose the support options. Also, the token creator will receive residuals (10%) of all resales. Imagine Microsoft still receiving revenue from resales of the Windows 95 license in 2022 and beyond?

Some of the benefits,

Purchase Support NFT using MATIC cryptocurrency (one time)


Software Support License NFT Required

A NFT Software License is required to access the support forum. One token purchase provides support for all company original applications. Please press the button to be redirected to Opensea purchase link?

If you receive this message in error, you may have tried to access to using a different wallet. Switch wallets in Metamask and try again?

Purchase Support NFT (one time)